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2016 All Japan International Education Research Symposium. Kochi City.

A two day symposium which I found very encouraging
regarding the future of Global Education in Japan,
though at the same time, experience tells me the "norm" is
still very far away from the high level on display here!

Day 1
Some excellent speeches. Some more "on-topic" than others
but in every case I was impressed by the strength of the speakers.
I could sense that the students had put a great deal of effort in and
regardless of any awards received,
they would all gain from their experience here.
201608182016 国際教育大会-001
Then a solid introductory talk outlining the John Manjiro story,
given by Mr. Kakiuchi.
201608182016 国際教育大会-002
Followed by the awards ceremony for the speeches.

Day 2
201608192016 国際教育大会-001 201608192016 国際教育大会-002
201608192016 国際教育大会-003 201608192016 国際教育大会-004
Presentations by students on their various international projects.
The level was very high and showed a good comprehension
of the issues raised.
Once again, as with the speeches yesterday,
it was easy to see that the experience
gained in these projects enables them
to see the world more clearly,
and allows them to understand their place within it.

This is so much more than mere "study".
This is how empowered citizens are fostered.

In the afternoon teachers from the various schools
explained how the projects were run.
I wanted to attend them all ! but as these were running simultaneously
I had to choose one, so went along to hear about the project
run in Laos by the the Kochi Commercial High School.
Very impressive and beyond my experience
of any high school so far.
201608192016 国際教育大会-005

Kochi Commercial High School, Laos Project Page ( in Japanese )

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