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Posted by AshizuriArt on 25.2016 美しい清水・ Beautiful Shimizu
大岐メガソーラー 「中止」 ・ やっと常識の勝利
Ohki Mega-solar Project Halted! - At last, a triumph for common sense.

高知新聞リンク⇒ 「>高知県土佐清水市大岐メガソーラー中止 地元理解得られず
According to an article in today's Kochi Shinbun,
the Mega-solar plan has been abandoned as the operators were:
"unable to gain the acceptance of locals".


The project which threatened to ruin the natural beauty of the Ohki area,
that endangered the wildlife on and around the beach and
would have likely harmed the local economy, has been stopped.

The present, nation-wide boom in solar farms, may at first glance seem great
but with a little inspection it appears that many of these schemes parallel
the "get-rich quick", golf range building boom of the 1980's.

Without a doubt, Japan needs more renewable energy but not
just a mindless roll-out of solar farms
blanketing the countryside, regardless of impact.
Let's hope that this can set a precedent for energy projects in the future,
with broader consideration to siting and potential effects
to the environment, community and economy.

Congratulations to all those who contributed
to the achievement of this sensible outcome!
Local people, nature lovers and surfers,
university students and many concerned people
from across Japan and around the world.


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