80 years ago, "Total war" implemented

Posted by AshizuriArt on 27.2017 思想・Thought
Guernica was bombed 80 years ago

By Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-H25224 / Unknown / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 de, Link

The town of Guernica was bombed 80 years ago with the aim of
demoralizing the resistance in Spain and also as a test case,
to use new technology and new methods.
Looking back at history we can see it was warning to the world of the
“Total war” that was to come.

A few days ago the world witnessed the detonation in war of the largest
non-nuclear explosive device so far, the MOAB. It too was an experiment,
to test its effectiveness and it was a tool aimed to demoralize the enemy
in Afghanistan. It too is a warning to the world of what may be to come.

Days before that, the US missile attack on Syria, carried out during the
dessert course of the meal as Mr. Trump entertained President Xi Jinping,
was calculated to send a message to the Chinese and North Korean governments
(and any other government) “terrible fire will rain down from the heavens”
on all those who oppose the will of Trump.

We should remember Guernica and what it prefigured.
We should see the attacks on Syria and Afghanistan as what they may become
if we are not vigilant: the precursors to a widespread conflict.

By PICASSO, la exposición del Reina-Prado.
Guernica is in the collection of Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid.
Source page: http://www.picassotradicionyvanguardia.com/08R.php (archive.org),
Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1683114


Kochi, just before dawn

Posted by AshizuriArt on 24.2017 高知の生活・Life in Kochi

I have always loved the time just before the day shift starts.
The air is clean. Colours are rich and deep.
Things are reset, ready to begin again.
But still the night's secret shadows remain and
there is a sense that anything is possible...


Kochi before dawn

Kochi before dawn

Kochi before dawn

Kochi before dawn

Kochi before dawn

Kochi before dawn

War and Peace

Posted by AshizuriArt on 23.2017 文学・Literature
「戦争と平和」 レフ・トルストイ
War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy, Translated by Anthony Briggs

War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy

"War and Peace": not one thing, not merely a novel
in contains...almost everything.
A "soap" drama before TV existed, then, turn the page and the novel
turns into a philosophical essay on the the human condition,
the nature of history, society, science, religion, free-will and determinism...

Though the book is long (1399 pages), the chapters are short.
It was originally published in a literary journal (Russkiy Vestnik)
over a total span of four years.
I spent a year reading it, slowly, intermittently.
There is no need to spend that long but
I recommend taking your time over it and savouring it.
I never grew tired of it, never lost the plot,
though I did grow nervous as to what I would do after finishing it!!

Despite being written 150 years ago it doesn't feel dated.
(though that is down to the brilliant work of the translator too!)
The sense of war as something that happens in other peoples countries,
gradually creeping closer, until it envelopes everything.
Banal everyday obsessions, systemic failure in government and military,
the bias of history, the scheming of social climbers and plotting of religious societies.
Then there are the battles that rage inside the characters,
trying to control their lives, trying to understand the world they live in.

"Pierre" Bezukhov, the Bolkonsky's, the Rostov's... feel like cousins to me now.
...and Tolstoy himself!
What an example of a life fully lived!
Thank you Lev.

Films and TV adaptations are not without their merits...
but honestly, they are only pale reflections,
hollow shells, compared to the book.

Tatsukushi Rocks - 竜串

Posted by AshizuriArt on 12.2017 美しい清水・ Beautiful Shimizu
Like another world

I imagine H. R. Giger would have liked this place.

Tatsukushi rocks

Tatsukushi rocks

Tatsukushi rocks

Tatsukushi spring garden-05 20170403

Tatsukushi spring garden-04 20170403


一言 ・ one word

Posted by AshizuriArt on 03.2017 美しい清水・ Beautiful Shimizu
The Garden speaks one word

with a thousand different voices
my garden speaks
in shouts and whispers
one word only

Shimizu spring garden-02 20170328

Shimizu spring garden-04 20170328

Shimizu spring garden-05 20170328

Shimizu spring garden-03 20170328

to my mind
one word only
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